Energy Resolutions For Your Home and Wallet

Here are some ‘resolutions’ you can make in the New Year to save energy and dollars in your home.  Learn how simple, low cost changes to lighting, insulation, heating and water will make a difference to your energy costs year round.

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Also, CHECK OUT the Kill-A-Watt Meter that Sustainable Danville Area donated to The Danville Library.  Using a Kill-A-Watt meter you can reduce your energy costs by identifying the real energy abusers. Simply plug your appliance into Kill-A-Watt meter and assess how efficient it really is!

January Forum Speakers:

Chris Gayler – Chris is the General Manager at Gayler Construction. Gayler Construction has been in business 50 years and has been certified green builders since 2003. Chris is a LEED Green Associate and completing the rest of his LEED certification. Even Chris’s 5 year old son is on board with energy efficiency, reminding friends and family alike to shut the refrigerator door and turn off lights when you leave the room to save energy!

Tracy Bauer, Vice President Product Marketing, Illuminer –  Tracy directs the communications and service of the company’s LED lighting products to ensure customers enjoy relevant, value-driven solutions. Since 2002, Tracy has led outreach and educational campaigns on sustainability and corporate responsibility.  Tracy is one of the co-founders of Sustainable Danville Area.


Cynthia Ruzzi, Co-Founder Sustainable Danville AreaTo channel her passion for the environment, Cynthia co-founded Sustainable Danville Area and organizes monthly eco-educational programs to inspire her neighbors on the importance of a sustainable foodscape, bicycle-friendly communities and energy savings.  In the past two years, Cynthia and her family have completed many projects to green their home and landscape.   Cynthia is also a monthly contributor to the Danville Today News.

Special thanks for Gayler Construction and The Danville Library