Reasons to Convert Your Lawn


  • Each week about 54 million Americans mow their lawns, using 800million gallons of gas per year and producing tons of air pollutants. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a traditional gas powered lawn mower produces as much air pollution as 43 new cars each being driven 12,000 miles.
  • Some 100 million pounds of pesticides are used by homeowners in homes and gardens each year, even more when commercial companies are added to the count. Suburban lawns and gardens are known to receive far heavier pesticide applications per acre than most other land areas in the U.S., including agricultural areas. Of the 30 commonly used lawn pesticides, 19 are linked with cancer, 17 are detected in groundwater, 23 have the ability to leach into drinking water sources,  24 are toxic to fish and other aquatic organisms vital to our ecosystem, 11 are toxic to bess and 16 are toxic to birds.
  • 30 to 60 percent of all urban fresh water is used for watering lawns. More than half this amount is wasted because of inappropriate timing or dosage.

Consider Rainwater Harvesting to save water, energy and money.  Read more from Carol Rossi, Organic Gardener Journalist for The