Portable Bike Racks and Bike Stations


Sustainable Danville Area and future Eagle Scout, Jonathan Adams, joined forces to build portable bike racks for 200 bikes to be used for the Town of Danville and local school events. These bike racks have been a great success, hosting “Bike to School” Days for 170+ bicyclists. SDA also supplies these racks for downtown events for the town’s Earth Day Event, Chamber events, Downtown Danville Association events and the 4th of July Parade. We host “Bike Stations” where bicyclists can check their bikes in for free and enjoy whichever event they are in town for. We get people out of their cars and onto their bikes!

If you or your organization would like to volunteer to help at a bike station, please contact us. 

Jonathan and Eagle Scouts

Portable Bike Racks


In addition, Sustainable Danville Area has worked closely with the town to increase the number of permanent bike racks. SDA was instrumental in convincing the town this was needed, and after doing a Bike Rack Survey, the Town agreed. To date, more than 50 additional racks have been installed with more to follow. Our next goal is bike rack signage, so that everyone in town and on the Iron Horse Trail knows where the bike racks are, and stop, shop and enjoy everything Danville has to offer.

One response to “Portable Bike Racks and Bike Stations

  1. These bike racks are really cool. Would you be willing to share the blueprint? I’d like to construct something like this for an event coming up. Thanks

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