Town of Danville Hosts

Workshop on Community Choice Energy

Public input sought on possible joint powers agreement

Residents, businesses and community groups from throughout the Tri-Valley are invited to a January 26, 2017public workshop to examine a plan for Contra Costa County and area communities to work together in purchasing energy through a Community Choice Energy (CCE) program.


CCE allows cities to participate in a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) that purchases, sources or generates electricity for their residents and businesses with the goal of gaining local control, expanding consumer choices and reducing consumer costs for electricity generation.


The Town of Danville, City of San Ramon and Contra Costa County joined with 12 other cities to examine the potential of using a CCE  to provide energy. A draft technical study between the 12 jurisdictions was initiated in June 2016 and released December 1, 2016. The next step in the process is to present information to the public and garner feedback on a potential CCE.


The CCE Public Workshop is set for 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m., January 26, 2017 at the San Ramon Valley Veterans Memorial Building, 115 E. Prospect Avenue, Danville. At the workshop, officials from the three agencies will meet with stakeholder groups to receive comments about the draft technical study.


The public comment period on the draft study will close January 31, 2017, and a final study will be presented in March and April for further consideration, and potentially for direction to implement one of the alternatives examined in the final study.


For more information, contact:

Town of Danville – Nat Rojanasathira
Phone: (925) 314-3328


City of San Ramon – Eric Figueroa

Phone: (925) 973-2632


Contra Costa County – Betsy Burkhart

Phone:  (925) 313-1183


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